Integrated farming: find out what this entails at OP Isola Verde

We focus on the sustainability of our enterprise and promote integrated farming with concrete actions. Find out more.

The success of our enterprise is the result of the activities we carry out every day to provide our customers with wholesome Baby Leaf salads and to guarantee future generations a healthy environment in which to grow and farm nutritious foods. Over 90 hectares of our greenhouses are dedicated to organic farming principles and the remaining 140 hectares are dedicated to integrated farming principles to protect the land and the workers. Here’s what we do in practice.

1. Reduced use of pesticides

At OP Isola Verde we practice a varietal selection process that allows us to select the strongest varieties of Baby Leaf salads even before the seed sowing phases. This increases the growth prospects for Baby Leaf salads without the need for pesticides and, even if we are obliged to intervene to eliminate parasites, we use environmentally friendly solutions that respect the soil and the health of those who will eat our Baby Leaf salads.

Our focus on the selection and use of pesticides in our greenhouses has allowed us to obtain Global G.A.P. Pesticide Transparency Certification, Leaf Certification and SQNPI Certification. Find out more >>

2. Controlled seed sowing

When choosing the Baby Leaf salad varieties to sow in different greenhouses, we always ensure that the soil does not lose the nutrients needed to grow healthy and wholesome Baby Leaf salads. To achieve this, we periodically analyse the soil composition and assess whether to continue to use the same greenhouses or whether to allow them to rest before sowing new seeds.

3. Water from our own water wells

As far as water is concerned, we also use water from private wells that are regularly monitored, so that the land is irrigated with superior quality water, which helps the correct growth and development of our Baby Leaf salads.

4. Electric harvesters and manual sorting and in fields

When harvesting our Baby Leaf salads, we use electric harvesters that do not pollute the greenhouse environment and the Baby Leaf salads. In addition, as the Baby Leaf salads grow, we carry out manual checks to safeguard the quality of the Baby Leaf salads and the soil at every stage of the process.

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