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Our baby leaf salads are grown in greenhouses and, once harvested, they immediately undergo preliminary processing to guarantee their safety and integrity.

Baby leaf salads from the soil to the table

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Before harvesting the baby leaf salads, an in-field visual inspection is carried out to detect any foreign objects or salad leaves that do not meet our quality standards.

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The only Baby Leaf salad that undergoes the pre-washing, drying and automatic sorting process is the lamb’s lettuce.

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Our company’s baby leaf salads are packaged in bags or trays sealed with food-grade film.

Upon request, each customer can choose a customised film with logos and information.

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Immediately after harvesting, our Baby Leaf salads travel in refrigerated trucks at a constant temperature of between 4°C or 6°C and are delivered while they are still fresh and tasty.

Our assortment


Please contact us for any information you my require regarding the production of baby leaf salads and current availability.