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Planet Proof
The On The Way to Planet Proof certification guarantees that products are grown in a more sustainable manner and demonstrates a conscious choice in favour of nature, the environment, the climate, animals and therefore for all of us. The internationally recognised Planet Proof certificates certify our commitment to the sustainability of the agricultural industry and consist of the "Chain of Custody" certificate and the "Plant Products" certificate. Developed in the 90s by SMK, the Dutch Council for sustainable production, Planet Proof certificates guarantee eco-friendly baby leaf salads that are produced to accordance with strict environmental standards throughout the entire process, from material selection to processing, distribution and lot traceability. As far as OP Isola Verde is concerned, having certified our supply chain according to the dictates of this strict standard, this has driven us even further towards ensuring the continuous improvement of our production and the creation of a work method that protects the land and the environment that surrounds us.


Who has received it 

Those who have obtained the Chain of Custody certification are: Società Cooperativa Agricola Isola Verde a.r.l. and OP Isola Verde Soc. Agr. Consortile ARL; whilst those who have obtained the Plant Products certificate are: Società Agricola FrescoVero, Società Agricola San Martino, Società Agricola Vita Nuova and Società Cooperativa Agricola Isola Verde a.r.l..

We guarantee

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