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Production chain traceability
Production chain traceability is a product certification that supports food safety principles and meets customer requirements in terms of safety, traceability and documentation. The need to guarantee superior levels of food safety requires the traceability of agricultural raw materials and packaging materials so as to enable the source of any alarm to be swiftly identified. Pursuant to this certification, all OP Isola Verde group enterprises are committed to determining the history and origins of each lot, from the sowing phase to the delivery of first range baby leaf salads and attest to the fact that production took place at Italian based facilities. The traceability system alone cannot guarantee the safety of the food product, but it can certainly make an important contribution to achieving this objective. If any hygiene-health related nonconformity should arise, the production chain traceability certification demonstrates the ability of OP Isola Verde to back track to the point of the supply chain in which the problem originated and, if necessary, proceed with the “targeted” recall of the product. OP Isola Verde is UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 certified, transposing the Italian standards UNI 10939:01 relating to “Agri-food supply chain traceability system” and UNI 11020:02 relating to “Agri-food enterprise traceability system” and applies to the entire agri-food sector. This standard is the international reference document for the certification of agri-food traceability systems.


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Production chain traceability certification was obtained by OP Isola Verde and applies to all affiliated enterprises
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