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Global gap
Global G.A.P. certification
Global G.A.P. certification defines good farming practices worldwide. It is issued by GLOBAL G.A.P., a private association that sets certification standards for agricultural products worldwide, and is requested on a voluntary basis. Global G.A.P. aims to achieve a single standard of Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) capable of satisfying global agriculture as a whole whilst ensuring controlled production methods for consumers.


Who has received it

The Global G.A.P. certification was requested and obtained on a voluntary basis by all the OP Isola Verde group companies, and the possession of this certification is an indispensable prerequisite for us to be able to guarantee baby leaf salads produced in compliance with Good Agricultural Practices.

We guarantee

quality and control

Trust safe and genuine baby leaf salads only!


Please contact us for any information you my require regarding the production of baby leaf salads and current availability.