Greenhouse farming of Baby leaf salads: the advantages

We have chosen to only adopt greenhouse farming of our Baby Leaf salads to offer our customers First range Baby Leaf salads with a consistent and controlled quality. Find out more.

At OP Isola Verde we grow First range Baby Leaf salads in 230 hectares of greenhouses in Northern and Southern Italy, 90 hectares of which are dedicated to organic farming. The choice to only use greenhouse farming processes to grow Baby Leaf salads is driven by the desire to maintain increased control over the production process, and provide our customers with consistent quality. Here are the real advantages we achieve from our exclusive greenhouse farming processes.

Increased protection for crops

the first advantage greenhouse farming of Baby Leaf salads is the protection of the crops against external elements, especially the weather. Whether it is the scorching sun, rainfall or hailstones, with greenhouse farming we can monitor the situation more closely using state-of-the-art weather control units and act accordingly to protect the growth of each individual leaf.

Consistent production of Baby Leaf salads

The control of the greenhouse conditions and the protection of the Baby Leaf salads against external elements allow us to ensure consistent growth of our Baby Leaf salads and calculate our production lead times more accurately.  

Although each harvested crop is influenced by several factors, we can supply our customers all year round with all kinds of products, from baby lettuce to lamb’s lettuce, from baby spinach to red chard, guaranteeing healthy and wholesome Baby Leaf salads that are always delivered on time: a guarantee found particularly reassuring by the large European LSD groups.

 With OP Isola Verde, the major Italian and foreign chains can count on a highly reliable partner who delivers quality Baby Leaf salads and, thanks to its greenhouse farming process, is able to maximise production lead times throughout the year.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your First range Baby Leaf salads?