Agriculture 4.0: what is it and what are the advantages

We have chosen to only adopt greenhouse farming of our Baby Leaf salads to offer our customers First range Baby Leaf salads with a consistent and controlled quality. Find out more.

What is Agriculture 4.0

Agriculture 4.0 refers to the application of new technologies to the agricultural sector. So, no longer just manual farming, but highly computerised agriculture, where state-of-the-art equipment and digital technologies help monitor crop quality throughout every production phase.

What does Agriculture 4.0 mean in OP Isola Verde

When we talk about Agriculture 4.0 in OP Isola Verde, we refer to all the investments in machinery and technology that have enabled us to improve our work and, consequently, the quality of our Baby Leaf salads.

 One of our strengths, for instance, are the weather monitoring units, but we also have mechanised sowing and baby leaf salad harvesting systems that preserve the quality of the individual leaves and increase the field processing speed.

In our laboratory, on the other hand, we have installed optical sorting machines to control and select rocket and lamb’s lettuce, and automatic systems that weigh and pack baby leaf salads in bags or trays.

The advantages of Agriculture 4.0

In applying Agriculture 4.0 to the greenhouse farming of our Baby Leaf salads:

  • It speeds up certain operations such as sowing, harvesting, but also the sorting and packaging the first range baby leaf salads
  • We are able to deliver and guarantee consistent production all year round
  • We sort our baby leaf salads with even greater accuracy
  • We have faster, more responsive logistics
  • We find it easier to customise the packaging of our baby leaf salads to meet individual customer requirements

Furthermore, automating the most repetitive processes has given use more valuable time to focus on more strategic tasks, such as varietal selection and work organisation, hence improving the quality of the Baby Leaf salads and the services we provide to our customers.

Come and see the advantages of applying Agriculture 4.0 to the production of Baby Leaf salads for yourself.