Beat the heat with baby leaf salads

Find out why eating baby leaf salads helps you stay in shape even when the heat is exhausting. Read this insight.

When the summer season arrives, the days are longer and the heat can be exhausting. At this time of the year, our bodies need fresh, light food to beat the heat, and baby leaf salads are the perfect solution to keep us fit even under the scorching sun. Here’s why.

– Baby leaf salads contain a lot of water

Compared to other foods, baby leaf salads help hydrate the body because their molecular structure consists of more than 90% water.

Compared to a slice of bread or steak, baby leaf salads are therefore the ideal food to hydrate the body and compensate for the perspiration which physiologically increases on hot days.

– They are rich in vitamins and mineral salts

All baby leaf salads are a concentrate of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help the body perform its vital functions.

Regular consumption of baby leaf salads, especially during the summer months, provides all the trace elements the body require; this means you don’t need to take any additional supplements to cope with the loss of mineral salts due to excessive sweating.

– They are practical and quick to prepare

On hot summer days, standing over a stove cooking elaborate dishes is a heroic feat. With baby leaf salads you can prepare tasty dishes worthy of a master chef without having to spend an entire day in the kitchen with the oven on. From baby spinach pokè bowls to fruit and salad dishes, baby leaf salads are the basic ingredient for fresh, colourful and appetising recipes, prepared in seconds.

– They facilitate digestion

Adding baby leaf salads to your diet facilitates digestion, reducing that sense of heaviness that makes you feel tired and listless especially in summer. In addition, baby leaf salads also combats constipation, boosting the body’s natural digestive system and helping it to function properly.

Discover the varieties of baby leaf salads you can enjoy to beat the heat.